Welcome to a tradition-steeped specialist for sophisticated gear construction! Find out more about the design and unique features of DOB gears and our industry-specific drive solutions. Gain an insight into our production processes and inform yourself about our services! It is our aim to enthuse you for working with us – as a client, supplier or employee. You are invited to get involved!


Every single drive in our comprehensive portfolio is attuned to the individual requirements of the application. This is the reason why DOB gears work so very efficiently for an extremely long service life – also and especially where the drives of large machines and systems are exposed to particularly great strains.


Originally, DOB gears were almost exclusively used in the entire process chain of steel production and processing. But their quality, performance and durability have meanwhile helped them conquer other application areas, too – for example in process engineering systems.


We develop our products with the latest CAD tools whilst relying on the comprehensive expertise of our engineers. And we are manufacturing them with great production depth at our Wuppertal location. This makes us flexible and provides the prerequisites for top quality in special gear construction.


Be it inspection or repair, the production of replacement parts, or “retrofitting” with enhanced performance: We can offer you a broad spectrum of highly qualified services. Here at our factory or on site – and that not only for DOB gears, but also for other makes.