A focus on heavy industry

We have been developing and manufacturing gears for heavy industry for decades, particularly for the complete process chain of steel production and processing. From the production of the steel via hot and cold rolling mills through to the strip treatment and processing: DOB gears are used in the facilities of market-leading manufacturers all around the world. Which is why we have such precise knowledge of the requirements for drives in this demanding application area.

Steel production

Not only our engineers know every detail of the extremely rough deployment conditions in the steel industry, but also our gear units. We have been supplying gears for converter tilting drives, continuous casting lines and ladle furnaces for decades. Rolling gear drives with customer-specific connections are also included in our product portfolio. We will design bevel gear drives for use in slab grinding machines with housing configurations that are precisely attuned to the case in question.

Hot and cold rolling mills

DOB mill drives in a spur or bevel design will perform their duties reliably and precisely. They are used in flat, profile, pipe, ring and wire rolling mills.

The conditions these DOB drives need to work in are extreme, particularly where hot processing is concerned. Effective protection against dust, scale and water is mandatory. Where required, double helical gearing will be used to transmit high torques with a comparatively small centre distance.  

Multi-stage pinion drives with internal gear shaft will enhance the speed range. Twin-drive units accommodate two independent drives in one and the same housing. This allows for separate control of the two rollers. Gear boxes for hot and cold metal sheet levelling machines feature up to nine drives in one housing. The housings are modular and very maintenance-friendly despite their great weight.

Strip treatment

Where strips need to be coiled in annealing, pickling and galvanizing lines, we will provide reeling plants for coiling and decoiling in vertical and horizontal designs. The decoiler mandrel is mounted directly in the gear box or inserted in a hollow shaft – which enables easy replacement without disassembling the gear unit. The large dimensioned housing normally serves as an oil container. The lubrication of the gear unit is designed by our specialists and customized to the framework conditions.

We have developed a special range of gearboxes for bridle roller drives that is distinguished by a very compact design.

Our accumulator gear units are used in horizontal and vertical accumulators. Straightening machine drives are designed as pure transfer gear boxes with 1:1 transmission or also with integrated reduction stages. Planetary superimposition gear units are used in tension levellers. Several interconnected planetary gear sets form a single unit.

Strip processing

The partly very thin strips not only call for utmost precision in the levelling, cutting and separation. With their highly precise gearing, our drives meet the most stringent quality requirements for enabling efficient operation over a long period of time. Our gear units are therefore used in levelling machines and coil slitting and cross-cutting systems, as well as side trimming units and seam scrap cutters, amongst others. The attendant coiler gears round off the portfolio.

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