"Under urgent circumstances, we are also available to assist even outside ordinary working hours. You are looking for a solution for a technical problem with a gear, and it doesn't matter whether it's a DOB unit or a third-party unit?

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As a specialist for high-quality and long-lived drive technologies, we will look after the gear units manufactured by us across their entire service life. This includes inspections and repairs as much as modernization and/or performance enhancement, also for third party products. In our factory or on site.


Regular inspection of drive components can markedly prolong their service life and avoid unplanned downtimes. We offer professional revisions of gear units, including an expressive, illustrated report with maintenance advice and recommendations. If desired, we can also perform regular oil analyses. Our service is available nationwide and provided in cooperation with long-standing partners abroad.


We have many decades of experience in repairing gear units manufactured by ourselves or third parties. We will check all gearing parts and the housing in the process, and will attend to the components – also the housing – with great precision, if required. Gearings will be inspected for surface cracks in keeping with ISO 9934-1, while anti-friction bearings and seals will be fundamentally reconditioned. Measurement and production of components made by other manufacturers (“re-engineering”) is also possible. The process is concluded by a test run of the gear unit, documented in a comprehensive report.

Re-engineering and upgrades

If the performance and/or productivity of a drive or entire system is to be enhanced, the gear unit will often not need to be replaced. It is therefore advisable in such cases to examine the existing gear units for improvement potentials and optimize them in a targeted manner. We have great experience in this type of re-engineering. Our designers will analyse the existing gearing design with modern calculation software and reinforce individual toothworks and/or gear stages as required. This will save the user costs. “Upgrades” of this kind are often realizable at short notice thanks to our highly capable construction department.

Replacement parts

Our highly modern and specialized machinery for drive components enables us to renew damaged gearing sections at short notice. Sample accommodations can be created with the help of measuring machines irrespective of the type or manufacturer, and manufactured with extraordinarily short delivery periods thanks to our in-house gearing production. This will significantly reduce the time required to repair gear units.

On-site service

Be it a planned inspection or sudden damage to a gear unit that could lead to system or production downtimes: Our qualified engineers are able to respond in a short space of time and provide you with the assistance you need to ensure smooth production. We work with experienced service personnel around the world and use modern analysis technologies and tools.