Developed for demanding applications

DOB gears have been used in a great variety of industries for decades. We offer drive solutions for the steel, aluminium and copper industries, covering the entire process chain from the manufacturing to the processing. In addition to this we are also leaders in process engineering where the mixing and kneading of rubber or plastic is concerned, for example, or where materials need to be compacted or briquetted. Plant manufacturers in the food and beverage industry rely on our drive concepts, too. The portfolio is rounded off by gears for crane construction and materials handling equipment.

The same applies for all application areas: We are not only providing our customers with a gear unit. Instead, we will apply our expert knowledge to create a concept for you that meets the requirements of the respective industry and caters to the individual conditions in every respect. We are thus providing a basis for a drive solution that convinces with efficiency and productivity – for many years to come.